What Clients Have to Say…


"Opened my heart to new possibilities."

I am one of those people who has so much to offer that I have struggled to make sense of and communicate it. My work with Michael was unlike anything I've ever experienced. He helped me get crystal clear in a way I had not before.

The big breakthrough was that he helped me see that two of my core qualities that seemed in opposition are actually opposite poles of a continuum. We named these Superpowers “Limitless Magical Wildness and Precise Refined Awareness.” Naming and claiming the truth of these powers and seeing them in this way profoundly shifted me internally. I felt seen - by myself - through Michael's words. This gave me a deep sense of quiet and opened my heart to new possibilities. Thank you Michael!

– Samantha Keen
Start The Business You Love


"Uplifting, encouraging, and empowering"

My version of Smallville looks pretty bad-ass compared to a lot of other people’s “Awesomeville.” But I know that I'm not really, fully fulfilled and that there there's a part of me that’s still sleepy and just unwilling to keep him going for what I really want.

The biggest breakthrough I had working with Michael is being able to claim parts and pieces of me, completely as me, in a new context in a new way. I have looked into lots of places that hold me back from having what I want but this is different. I was able to hold myself, my past, my future, my present in a different way. It’s pretty empowering and has something else become possible for me. I really got to know myself, and the heroine's journey that I'm on in a new light. This light is uplifting and encouraging and empowering in my whole body.

– Corinne Sheltran

"The 'Perfect Job' Wasn't Perfect For Me"

People thought I had the perfect job. I was an artist and a seasoned businessman and I was literally drawing out strategies for executives in Fortune 100 companies.  At times it was incredibly rewarding work,  but it wasn't enough and I knew it.  In a rather dark period of stagnation and semi-paralysis with moving to a healthier, more connected place. Michael skillfully helped identify what I truly cared about - creativity and it's role in solving the most important problems we face.  From there I've launched my own Visual Strategy business, developed a workshop that brings men into a world class metal shop to ignite their creative fire, and created workshops to train Graphic Recorders in the fundamentals of business and consulting.  Michael continues to help me see how much I have that I truly want to offer and then, with remarkable skill and care, supports me step-by-step in the implementation.  Michael has discovered his gift and has crafted a powerful methodology that has changed my life and the lives of many of his clients!

-Jamie Does


“Trust and Confidence.”

Michael not only holds a spotlight on the magnificence we hold inside that is our superpowers. He creates the space for us to give ourselves permission to claim them, own them, and really bring them out in the world as it was always intended.  He supports people to trust themselves to use them for good, and understand their responsibility to bring them out into the light of day.

What a wonderful place the world will be as everyone has choice to be who they will look up to and model in each moment. And how cool, when they need it most, they can look inside and find their number one superhero is never more than a heartbeat away.

– Karen Kessler
Choose Results Canada


"Action Creates Results!"

I decided to work with Michael because like many solo-preneurs my business was not thriving. I knew I had a great product (me!) but had very little or no business acumen. Working solo, I felt isolated and fearful of making the wrong decisions.

I am not afraid of hard work and thought I just needed some loose accountability and some hand holding to get me focused and to the 'next level.' Of course that was just the tip of the iceberg.

For me, one of the biggest breakthroughs was knowing that every small business has the same challenges. I wasn't doing something 'wrong' per se or not selling a 'good' enough product. And at the end of the day ACTION CREATES RESULTS. This is my daily mantra. You have to consistently take yourself out of your comfort zone...but each time you do, that muscle gets strengthened and it gets easier with each endeavor.

After 10 months of coaching I am shooting more than ever and my business is well... still in business. I understand now that self employment is a marathon, with many hurdles, and to be patient with the process. Investing in my business is akin to investing in myself.

I feel like I was equipped with and practiced many skills to help me moving forward in my business especially when old thought processes and/or self sabotaging goblins come to visit! Thanks Michael!

– Kelly Marshall
Freelance Commercial Photographer

"My work life has flourished!"

My experience has been affirming and inspiring.  Michael has the ability to listen deeply, not just with his ears, but with his heart.  In the eight months or so of my work with him, I feel that he has come to truly know me.  He is authentically loving and accepting, yet he also gently pushes me to grow.  He has a way of intuitively tuning into what I say, and seems to know when my words are resonant with my higher self.  If he senses some disharmony, he is able to point it out in a non-confrontational and loving way.

The process of working with him has helped me to come into myself and my life in a deeper way.  With Michael's support, I have become more strongly rooted in my true Self, and because of this, my relationships have become more authentic, and my work life has flourished.  I would strongly recommend his coaching services to anyone, at any stage of their life.

– Melita Silberstein

matt garrapy.jpg

"Unlocked, unblocked, and unleashed"

If there's a real-life superhero that can help you unlock, unblock and unleash your greatest power and potential, then I'd call Michael Tertes "The Keymaster."

This man's incredible gifts have helped me conquer my greatest challenges - both personally and professionally - and chart a new life course that is already manifesting.

I've worked with countless coaches and consultants, all in an effort to overcome my "martyr syndrome" and have the courage to change my condition. But it was Michael's salient methodology and proven process that helped me unpack and decode the underlying issues - and focus on my true passion and identity. 

– Matthew Garrapy


"Completely transformed and changed on the DNA level forever"

I came to Michael to figure out how I could take my gifts and share them with the world. What I was really struggling with the doubt that my gifts were really that valuable. I was thinking well you know maybe I'm not truly ready to be out there as much as I want. Maybe I’m not ready to take it to the next level So, there was just a lot of doubt and fear and wondering how was I going to do this? And what if I mess up completely?

Working with Michael I had breakthrough after breakthrough but my biggest breakthrough was complete and utter trust in my gifts. Even more I got this solid knowing how fucking powerful they are. Like holy crap I had no idea. I really had no idea the depth and the level of power that I have to be able to make the impact that I want the world. And I feel like I'm completely transformed and changed on the DNA level forever. And it is not leaving not leaving at all, ever!

Thank you so much Michael. Look forward to seeing all of the magic and all of the amazing miracles I'm going to create. Because it's going to be big!

– Chinh Pham

tracey stanton.jpg

"Deeper, authentic expression of myself"

I came to Michael with a need to identify more of my gifts and offerings to the world, to get aligned with my purpose and depth. Our work together was potent, deeply transformative and revealing. I felt seen, and not only seen, Michael named some very powerful and fundamental parts of my personal brand. He is very masterful at articulating what is essentially “you." Michael also took me out of my comfort zone in ways that helped create much more visibility and allowed me to break through constraints & produce immediate results, i.e. new clients… awesome! He laid seeds for me to move towards a deeper, authentic expression of myself. I am very grateful. Thank you Michael!

- Tracey Stanton
Visionary, Love Warrior

karen collacutt.jpg

"My Business, My Voice!"

I was looking for help with making a major life decision between building my own business and running a division of an associated company. Our work together was instrumental in me making the move out of Money Coaches Canada and into my own practice.

Working with Michael I released myself from perceived obligation and am finding my way. Michael helped me understand that I could make my decision based on what will truly serve me and that when I speak my truth, I create allies to my mission and vision. By serving my needs and the life I want to create, I can serve others with my best efforts and energy. He is a brilliant coach and has taught me so much about myself and what I am here to do.

And now my life is so much more exciting! I am building an amazing business and finding my voice. I am sharing what I know and love, preparing to serve so many people.

– Karen Collacutt, CFP
Certified Money Coach


"One of the most important spiritual and professional changes in my life."

My greatest struggle before connecting and working with Michael was the deep-seeded knowing that I was not achieving the level of success and satisfaction, financially and professionally, that my talents and gifts merited. There was a huge disparity between the level of service I was providing and how little I was being compensated. I was miserably struggling to "just get by," devaluing my services as a way to try to stay in business. It was a demoralizing model and it eroded my courage, my energy and my emotion, creating a standard of helplessness.

Connecting and working with Michael is one of the most important spiritual and professional changes in my life. My greatest breakthroughs in working with Michael have and continue to be shattering old models of spiritual pauperism, or what I call metaphysical martyrdom, in dynamic ways. Michael is providing the support of incredibly valuable, timely and constructive concepts, steps and information.

His presence gives me permission to move out of the old lifetimes of guilt-laden standards of "giving the gift away for free." And to have the courage to value my gifts and services in light of what I provide for my clients -- and charge for my services accordingly, without excuse or apology.

Consistent training in this space is helping me create valuable client flow and cash flow. It's inspiring me to provide greater service for my clients and make money doing it! Who knew that spiritual breakthroughs could come with financial breakthroughs!

– Dana Stovern
Money-Medium and Empath-Channel

"He takes me to the edge!"

I work with Michael because I trust him to tell the truth, to take me to the edge, and to make it uncomfortable if he has to. Michael doesn't tolerate "good enough," but believes in big change for his clients.

He helps me see past my blind spots and into a future when I am living more fully the whole of who I am.

– Laurie Wagner