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Superheroes. Superpowers. You may think they’re fascinating and exciting… or corny. But you know what? Superpowers are real.

And guess what? You have your own Superpowers. You might think of them as your greatest gifts.  

A Superhero uses their greatest gifts in alignment with what they value and care about the most to serve the people they are here to serve.

When you express your greatest gifts (Superpowers) and align them with your deepest values to serve the people you’re here to serve, you are a Superhero.

If you’ve been paying any attention, you know the world needs Superheroes now more than ever.

The problem is that most people don’t know what their Superpowers are. And when you don’t, you end up in Smallville.

Superhero Summer Camp 2016!

The people I work with are brilliant, caring, and committed. They call themselves coaches, healers, visionaries and transformational leaders. They’re on a journey of self-discovery and expression, knowing that the more they own who they are, the more of service they are to others.

As someone who’s been on this journey for 26 years, and worked with hundreds of Superheroes-in-the-making, here are the four most debilitating dilemmas that Superheroes face:

1. You Have Settled In Smallville

Superman grew up in Smallville. His parents told him that his powers were dangerous, that he would hurt others, become a target or endanger those he cared about. They told him to stay in Smallville where it’s safe… even if that meant not impacting the world like he was born to.

If you’ve settled in Smallville, you’re playing it safe and small. And you know it. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t taken risks and chances it means that you are in YOUR SMALLVILLE. You know you are there if you find yourself frustrated, distracted, dissatisfied or even fall into despair. The good news is that the only thing keeping you in Smallville is you.

There’s a lot more to Smallville, though, that you should know.

Learn More About Smallville

2. You Don’t Really Get How Amazing You Are

Do you take for granted, dismiss or diminish what other people find miraculous about you? Do you not get the profound value of what you have to offer? Is there some part of you that thinks, “Yeah, but lots of other people can do this.”

Uniqueness is a mathematical fact and a spiritual truth.

When you don’t know what makes you special, you blend in with the crowd, your people can’t find you, you end up serving the wrong people, which sucks your energy. When you become deeply aware of your unique miraculousness you become quietly and compellingly confident. It changes the way you relate to yourself, others and your mission.

Learn More About The Miracle That You Are

3. You Are Holding Back

Holding back is exhausting. It sucks your life force. And while you are holding back you also feel like you are going to explode. You’re exploding with a drive to offer your unique medicine, your way, for your people. Maybe you’re afraid of being misunderstood, of rocking the boat or being “too big for your britches.” Or maybe you’re confused about what exactly your medicine is. Maybe you’ve been doing it someone else’s way, or by the book, or for the wrong people, or you’re doing a small piece of what you truly have to offer. Either way, the truth is that your people need you to bring all of you, everything you’ve got. There are no substitutes and there is no time to waste.

Learn More About Your Unique Medicine

4. You Are Martyring Yourself

Do you believe that your service is more valuable than you are? Do you over-give? Do you under-charge? With each client do you feel like you’re getting less and less of what you need? Are you on a path to burnout? Are you afraid that you’re gonna have to get a job? Are you afraid of even appearing like money is important to you? This is the modern-day martyr.

Your personal prosperity is the most important part of your mission. Without your sustainability, your mission fails. What if you got that being successful would allow you to serve beyond your wildest dreams? What if you knew that what you have to offer is far more valuable than you ever imagined?

Learn More About The Modern-Day Martyr

Will you answer the call?

Are you done withholding your gifts? Are you done not knowing how truly unique and powerful you are? Are you done martyring yourself?

Well, you’re in the right place!


My name is Michael Tertes and I’m the founder of University of Superheros and a coach, mentor, and thought partner to purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the world. You can read my story here.

Most of my clients start with a Superhero Identity VIP Day and many continue on to – Design Your Superhero Business for entrepreneurs or Superhero Life Coaching for everyone! I also offer Superhero Salons to private groups and have a Superhero Coaching Certification Program in the works. Click the links above to learn more.

When you’re ready to connect, I offer a complimentary Superhero Strategy Session. In this session we’ll get to know each other and I’ll answer any questions you have about working together.


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If there's a real-life superhero that can help you unlock, unblock and unleash your greatest power and potential, then I'd call Michael Tertes "The Keymaster." This man's incredible gifts have helped me conquer my greatest challenges - both personally and professionally - and chart a new life course that is already manifesting. 
I've worked with countless coaches and consultants, all in an effort to overcome my "martyr syndrome" and have the courage to change my condition. But it was Michael's salient methodology and proven process that helped me unpack and decode the underlying issues - and focus on my true passion and identity. 

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