Superhero Identity VIP Day

Open A Door To A New Reality

You’ve been on a long journey, and it’s feeling arduous. You’ve created success and respect along the way, and other people perceive you as a badass in your field.

Yet inside you’re not satisfied -- or not satisfied for long, not the way your heart truly longs for. Maybe you know why, maybe you’re uncertain as to the cause. But either way, you know you’re not where you want to be, and you’re not feeling the way you know that you can.

The solution lies not in continuing on your journey, but in shifting where you’re going. The place you want to be is not far away -- it’s right here, and it’s always been near by, only you haven’t been able to see it. You can feel it maybe, but not see it. It’s like there’s a wall in your way, no matter how far you walk or how hard you try to get there.

What you need is to open a door into a new reality where all that you long for, and all that you are already, lies. That door exists now, right inside of you. And during a Superhero Identity VIP Day, I show you how to find it, open it, and step through into this new reality.

My experience in working with hundreds of clients is that all of us underestimate who we are, what we can be, and what we are here to do. We grow up conforming and accommodating our identity to cultural norms without even realizing it. A wall stands in front of us wherever we go, preventing us from experiencing the truth.

You may believe that you’ve already freed yourself, and I’m sure you already have to some degree otherwise you would not be reading this page. And I know that there’s more -- far more than you even realize.

I’ve seen it again and again, entire worlds of who you really are unfold before you once you see the door in the wall, and you step through it into a new reality.

  • “Michael’s process unpacked and decoded underlying issues I didn’t even know were there.”
  • “I am completely changed at the DNA level forever.”
  • “I’m profoundly shifted internally.”
  • “Oh, that’s who I really am!? Wow!”
‘If you want to go to places you’ve never been before, you have to think in ways you’ve never thought before’
— Ken Blanchard

My clients walk away from a VIP Day in awe of themselves, with confidence and full permission to unleash their gifts, launch their programs, go after the clients they really want, charge and receive more money than they thought was possible, and create brands that are truly authentic and inspiring to them.

This profound shift in perspective will hugely impact your business, yes. But know, too, that every part of your life will be influenced as well. This does not mean you have to change everything immediately. It does mean you will be able to make new choices as to which path to follow, including new ones that miraculously appear before you.

You CAN experience your own new reality IF you are ready to discover, embrace, express and master your Superhero Identity.

A Superhero Identity VIP Day focuses on revealing, discovering creating the four pillars of your Superhero Identity:

  1. Your Superpowers – Your Superpowers are your unique abilities that you express easily and effortlessly that mystify others that you may not even know you have. Together we will look through seven lenses that reveal layers of your brilliance that you don’t even know are there.

  2. Your Origin Story – You may know “your story” intimately from years of therapy or marketing development -- or both. Even so my experience is that you’re still stuck somewhere -- facing that inner wall -- and in that place your power lies. Together we excavate and unleash what has not yet been discovered, perhaps, and certainly has not been appreciated and valued. You will emerge with a completely new version of your story that empowers and inspires you.

  3. Your Values – Discovering your Superpowers and your Origin Story (1) will reveal to you values out of which you’ve been living that you didn’t realize were organizing your life, and (2) will enable you to identify and own values and identity attributes that are specific and significant to you in your own terms. Owning your specific values creates the door through which your new reality emerges. This quantum shift consistently creates enormous relief and empowerment among my clients.

  4. Your Archnemesis – You already know you have an inner critic or saboteur who is trying to keep you safe by keeping you in Smallville. What you may not know is that this part, your Archnemesis, is also a “Superhero” and is incredibly powerful because it is a part of you and has all your power and gifts at its disposal, including ones you don’t even realize you have. When we work together, this part transforms from an adversary into an ally, bringing with it energy you had been resisting and powers newly revealed to you.

This Program is for You If…

  • You’re not really sure what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for.
  • You have a full box of tools, but haven’t claimed your unique approach yet.
  • You have an underlying feeling of not being enough, and you know that’s limiting your life and business.
  • You’re martyring yourself to your work – you’re under-charging and on the path to burnout and resentment.
  • You’ve gotten business coaching and there was something missing – this stuff! – so you didn’t end up with a business you loved.
  • People say how wonderful you are and it bounces right off of you

Do you already know that this program is for you? If so…

Why This Program?

Being a Superhero is an Essential Foundation for a Thriving Business
If you skip this part, you will build a business based on what you already know about yourself. And in my experience, what people know about themselves is very limited. What this program is designed to do is give you a view of yourself that is completely beyond any awareness that you’ve had. So you get to build something based on a completely different version of you that you’ve met yet.
My Highest Level of Individual Attention
This isn’t your ordinary coaching program. I’m not going to put you in a room with a hundred or a thousand other people and run you all through a process. This is private program just for you. It is a deep, intimate and powerful transformational experience. It will dramatically shift the way that you understand yourself, experience who you are and open you up possibilities and realities that you have not yet imagined.

What’s Included:

  • Private Superhero Identity Intensive – 6 Hours In-Person or Virtual
  • Proprietary Superhero Identity preparation materials

  • Intention Setting Preparation Call

  • Two Post VIP Day Integration Calls

There are plenty of business coaching programs out there that teach a bunch of strategies and tactics – which can be truly useful – but all of these programs skip over the most important foundational piece, which is a true curiosity about who you truly are! Without this knowledge, you’re likely to create a business that’s either unsuccessful or unfulfilling because it’s not connected to your deepest values, purpose, and as I call them, Superpowers.
Are you ready to have a conversation about how opening a door to a new reality for yourself?