Superhero Life Coaching

Let Go of the Life You’ve Settled for and Create the Life You Were Born For

You Have a Unique Life to Live

Unfortunately, even though our society talks all about being unique and living your dreams, the truth is other people's’ agenda for us are just that – their agenda for us that is about them and not what we truly want. You may think to yourself “I’ve done everything they’ve told me to do, and I’m still unsatisfied. So what do I do?”

What we’re not taught to do is to follow what brings us alive. And that is key! What brings you alive, what lights you up, what brings you joy, and what’s meaningful and fulfilling is unique and personal to you. When you follow that, you have more energy and enthusiasm for your life. You’ll end up somewhere you never imagined before.

If You’re Dissatisfied in Any Way, You’re in Smallville

Smallville is where Superman grew up and where his parents wanted him to stay to be safe. Your Smallville is a settling for The Land of the Familiar – familiar thoughts, familiar feelings, familiar actions, familiar activities. Although they’re familiar, and therefore safe, it’s not actually the life you want to live.

It’s limiting, uncomfortable, and confining. You may feel trapped in your own life. It might look like dissatisfaction with your job, relationships that don’t work, not having activities in your life that you enjoy, not feeling connected to something bigger than you, or an underlying feeling of “Is this all there is?”

In Superhero Life Coaching, All Areas of Your Life Are Game

Because the truth is, it’s all connected. Starting in any area of life will change them all for the better. Clients have worked with me on:

  • Career change
  • Creative endeavours and self-expression
  • Parenting
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Purpose
  • Spirituality and personal growth
  • Money and prosperity
  • Health and self-care

Let Go of the Life You’ve Settled for and Launch Something New

Letting go can be scary. You’re going to give yourself all the reasons why things should stay the same, but that’s not why you’re reading this right now! You know that on the other side of the fear is what you want, and letting go and making changes is a muscle you can build. When you do let go of the old, it makes space and creates possibilities for something new that you actually want and need.

Your Outcomes Are Limited Only by Your Imagination

One client left his corporate job and created a workshop for men who’ve lost touch with their creativity. He teaches them to weld metal sculptures and each man leaves with an original work of art and an open for door for creativity.

A former newspaper reporter reinvigorated his writing career as an online magazine columnist by writing about what lights him up, which is the miracle in everything.

One client came to me at a rock bottom and in our work together she did a major career change, got married, had her first child, and really is living a life that she never thought she could have.

Be Seen in a Way That Changes the Way You See Yourself Forever

You know what? We can’t see ourselves. And what we do see is often a gross underestimation of who we really are, which limits everything in our lives. This program is designed to give you a radically new understanding of who you are. You’re going to see yourself in a different light that will show you exactly how you are extraordinary – not as an inflated concept, but an accurate reality.

In this 6-Month 1:1 Coaching Program, You Will:

  • Address the most important life issues that you’re facing
  • Discover your Superpowers – your unique abilities that no one else has
  • Convert your Internal Archnemesis from an adversary to an ally
  • Claim your Origin Story in a way you never have in therapy
  • Align with your Core Values and Purpose which give you fulfillment and direction

What’s Included:

  • A Private Superhero Identity VIP Day – 6 Hours In-Person or Virtual
  • 4 months of Superhero Life Coaching – 2X One-Hour calls each month (10 total)
  • Plus “Momentum Calls” – Call Michael for a 10-15 minute conversation when you’re stuck or when you want to celebrate!
  • Email Access To Michael – We will figure out how to best use this.
  • Access to the University of Superheroes proprietary curriculum.

A Final Note

I know you can feel it. The world has changed. Our best is needed now more than ever. Personally, the outcome of November's election and the events since have caused me to wonder. In this new reality what is my role? How do I respond?
Has our current reality caused you to ask similar questions? Are you wondering how your life might change? Are you feeling called but not sure how to respond? These types of events help us to clarify our values and how we want to live our lives. 
These are not easy questions to answer alone. But if you don't have these conversations one of two things happens. You can go numb and into distraction or you can suffer in the indecision. Neither is a desirable outcome. 
The good news is that these are the types of conversations I have every day with my clients. These conversations lead to profound insights, breakthroughs and actions that lead to a more authentic purposeful and impactful life. 
Maybe what's happening in the world will be a catalyst for you to make changes you've been longing for and dreaming about. Maybe you want to increase your impact with what you are doing. Maybe you want the confidence to take on something big. 
I urge you to take the next step if you feel called and discuss whether the Superhero Life Coaching program is right for you!