Superhero Coach Certification Program

The world needs more Superheroes! For first time ever, I will be training a cohort of Superhero Coaches to do the work I do in their own unique way.
This Certification Program is based on a unique and effective model that goes beyond strength assessments and personality types to guide people to discover, embrace, experiment, and master the aspects of themselves that are truly unique to them. In other words, their Superpowers.
I’ve created this model by reverse-engineering my own Superpower of seeing other peoples’ Superpowers! The good news is that this knowledge is transferrable. You too can learn to see Superpowers, and it’s an immensely useful and fulfilling ability to have in this world.
This program is designed for coaches who want to accelerate their clients’ transformation in claiming who they truly are. It’s also designed for leaders and managers who want to bring out the best in their team.
Would you like to be among the first to know when the Superhero Coach Certification Program is launched?