Ten Years Ago Today I Quit My Job!


Ten years ago today I did one of the most courageous things I’ve ever done, I quit my job. It was a good job. I was a Global Web Strategist for the worlds largest telecommunications company.

I was making a good six-figure income. I worked from home when I wanted. My clients loved me. They called me their “Web Guru.” And while everyone else was getting laid off on “Lay-Off Thursdays” I had several job offers on the table from other parts of the company.

The only problem was that… it was killing me. It was killing my soul. I hated that job, the impossible deadlines, the competition, the egos, the meaningless conference calls, VPs that didn’t get it, needing to constantly manage my bosses... But really it came down to the fact that I wasn’t inspired or aligned with the product I was creating or the mission of the company. More importantly, although I was really good at what I was doing, it wasn’t anywhere near my sweet spot or my brilliance. I was spending my precious life energy not really getting anything important done and not bringing the best of myself. I was getting paid to be mediocre!

A year earlier I had done enough of my healing and personal growth work that I gave myself permission to say what I truly wanted, which was to become a Life Coach. It was a huge moment for me. When I uttered my desire, my coach at the time got up and did a dance! She said, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that!” A week later I was enrolled in a coaching training program. When I completed the training I was ready to take the big leap to launch a coaching business.

But I was truly terrified to leave the safety of my corporate mommy and daddy. In fact, one evening I tried to tell my friends that I was going to quit but instead I said, that I was going to "take that marketing job" that I'd been offered. I was so completely, to my core, terrified to leave that job that I couldn't get my mouth to say I was going to quit.

All the fears came up… safety and security. Can I do it? At least I’m safe here. Isn’t the known misery better than the possible failure? Who am I to quit? Who am I to be a coach? Why don’t I just wait to get laid off like everyone else? (That’s what my colleagues would later say anyway.)

Even though I had two careers under my belt, done my Master’s work in Organizational Development and was certified as a coach I was still scared. I still had so much doubt.

But even with all that fear, I knew deep down that I had to quit. I had to let go. I had to say, “yes” to what I knew was my calling, my next step. The pain pushed me out the door while the vision gently pulled at my heart.

I quit my job on September 7th, 2007. The subject of my goodbye letter was, "Quitting My Job to Follow My Dreams!"

And that’s what I’ve been doing, following my dreams. I stopped settling for being mediocre. For the past ten years I’ve continually strived to create what is uniquely mine to offer. It has been a hell of a journey.

That’s why this 10th Anniversary is so important to me. I’m going to be celebrating by sharing as much as I possibly can about what I’ve learned. I’m going to share everything that I wish someone had shared with me. I’ll share my most important lessons. I’ll share the mistakes I’ve made. Most importantly I’m going to share what I’ve created.

So, stay tuned and get ready to join me on this ride. I know you will really love and benefit from it.