Did you know that Superman grew up in Smallville? Yeah, and his parents told him that he should never leave. They told him, “Your powers are dangerous. You will hurt people. You will be hated and feared for your powers. You and your friends and family will not be safe and targets of ridicule and potential violence. Stay here in Smallville where it's safe!”

Of course he couldn’t do it. He knew his powers were to be used for good. So he left Smallville and became Superman. And the rest is history. (Okay, I know it’s not history because Superman is a fictional character but you know what I mean.)

What’s your version of Smallville?

When you stay in Smallville you are trading safety for the life that is actually possible for you. Some people call Smallville your comfort zone. I hate that term because it’s not comfortable at all! It’s full of despair, hopelessness, anxiety, fear and discouragement. It’s a place of chronic dissatisfaction.

And no matter how big you are already playing you can still see how it's small for you. It’s the place where you are still settling. It’s the place you are still choosing the familiar over what you truly want or have to offer.

Smallville is the land of the familiar... familiar thoughts, feelings, activities, relationships, levels of success. It's a way of being that you've become used to but not really the life that you want.

To leave your Smallville you need to get uncomfortable. Even more so you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! And as you know that discomfort is so much more rewarding and much easier to handle than you imagined. In fact, it's exhilarating!

And if you are here to make a difference you absolutely must leave Smallville! If you are going to serve your clients to the best of your ability you must leave Smallville. If you are going to share your unique gifts, point of view, medicine, wild crazy, boat rocking, life changing self with the world YOU MUST LEAVE SMALLVILLE!

Are you ready?