Sitting On A Volcano

Are you sitting on a volcano of passion, desire and expression? 

That’s what it felt like to me for years, this intense energy wanting to be released. And you know what? I used all my energy to keep it in. I was afraid to express it. I didn’t trust that my desires were acceptable. I was afraid of what would happen when I let it all out. Would I embarrass myself? Would I be out of control?

And you know what happens when you use all your energy to keep all that in? Depression, discouragement, anxiety, anger/rage, despair, hopelessness and on and on…

 And you don’t bring your very best to your business and your clients. 

Years ago my therapist said that depression is misnamed. It should be called compression. We are using our energy to compress what wants to be expressed. We shut down because of all the energy we are expending to stay in control. We wear ourselves out managing keeping in the energy that wants to be expressed. It feels like sitting on a volcano.

Maybe your lava is flowing. You are out there in the world doing your thing. And I still ask, “Are you sitting on a volcano?” 

What needs, gifts, talents, desire, and values are still not being expressed?

What amazing Superpower are you just using a little? What gifts or talents have you deemed too unworthy or weird to really own and express? What is the world not getting because you’re holding it back?

When you sit on all that energy, talent and power the world misses it. There are people who are not being served by you right now that NEED you.

Yes, it may feel scary, you might not know exactly how to do it but you know that the alternative is far worse. The alternative it to keep it bottled up, to keep the cork in it. This is the path of living in Smallville. It's the path of regret and dissatisfaction. And THAT'S NOT YOU and you know it.