About Michael

I’m a little bit Yoda in that I see The Force in you even when you doubt yourself. I’m a little like Dr. Xavier from the X-Men who knows what you must go through to discover and master your gifts because I’ve been through it myself. And I’m a little like Batman’s Alfred who will love and respect you no matter what.


Every Superhero has a mentor who helps them see the most powerful version of themselves, who will teach them, hold space for them, love them, and help them walk their path. This is the role I’m honored to play for my clients.

But of course I haven’t always been this way. The details of my childhood aren’t important but my life was a study in feeling powerless and like a victim. In my twenties I hit bottom, which led me to over twenty-five years of personal growth and development. It started with therapy and led to more personal growth workshops than I can count, changing careers three times, doing my Master’s work in Organizational Development, getting certified as a coach, committing to teachers and a spiritual community, spending tens of thousands of dollars learning the art of building a coaching business and then finally, several years ago claiming my purpose and launching the University of Superheroes.

The truth is that I never thought I’d be where I am now. I never thought I’d become someone who had created his own unique, powerful and successful thing. I desired it, I craved it. I saw all these people who were connected to their passion and gifts. Why not me? I believed that there must be something wrong with me. I must be truly unworthy or broken.

But here I am. Yes, I’ve worked my ass of to get here! I’ve fought many battles and confronted many demons to get to this point.

Along the way I burned out twice, first after a decade as an award-winning grassroots campaign director where the cause was more important than my personal well-being and then again after another ten years as a corporate web strategist getting paid well for something that I really didn’t care about and had to leave because my tank was completely empty.

One of the major turning points was leaving the apparent safety of a corporate gig to launch my coaching business. The fear and terror I felt as I was quitting that job was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

But that’s when the learning kicked into high gear. I started coaching just at the end of the time when you could say, “I’m a Life Coach.” and people would respond, “That’s great. My life needs coaching.” and they would hire you. I quickly learned I was going to need to stand out from other coaches. Learning how to make a living while serving others has been a transformative journey.

The big shift in this journey was when I finally said, “You know what? I see Superpowers. I can’t deny it. That’s what they are and I see them!” When I claimed what was true for me and really leaned into it, everything changed. Saying “yes” to this opened up another world. A world that had been waiting for me. I developed a completely unique curriculum. My confidence grew exponentially and I started offering coaching and workshops that were mind blowingly powerful and successful beyond what I’d ever imagined. That’s when I truly began to stand out in this field and be seen as a leader and innovator.

It is my mission to help people courageously claim their unique magnificence and purpose in a world that desperately needs more Superheroes.

If my story moved you and you see yourself in the struggle I’ve been through, let’s connect. I would be honored to be your Yoda, Dr. Xavier, Alfred, or even Mr. Miyagi!